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Pain Management

Are you in pain? Our programs use cutting-edge neuroscience and biomechanics to eliminate chronic and acute pain, guiding you to move without pain!


Are you rehabbing?  Our service options allow us to meet you where you are in your prehab and rehab process.


Are you struggling to find a consistent workout schedule? Our varied class and appointment options allow you to create a schedule that works FOR you!


Are you looking for a studio with people just like you? Our clients range in age from 9 to 99 and come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.


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Complimentary Consultation

During your consultation we will chat about you, your goals and any injuries or “issues in the tissues” you want to address in your training.



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Try out the RFC promo offer! One time only for NEW clients: 6 weeks with 1 private coaching appointment, 5 personal training appointments & unlimited group training classes!



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Once you start with RFC, whether with private coaching, personal training, or group classes, your life will change.


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Count on Rocky

“At what age do you stop trying to feel better, move better, and perform better? If your answer is ‘After I’m dead’, you may need expert and enthusiastic help to decode your pains and current limitations and help you push past them. When your surgeon and PT won’t embrace your goals, count on Rocky and his team to help get you there. Several months after a hip replacement, I have been playing singles tennis, basketball, and climbing at a higher level than in a number of years.”

~ Bob P

Forever Grateful

“My journey with RFC began before I was diagnosed with MS. The staff has been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable in finding the best way for me to gain my mobility and strength back. From neurological exercises that settle down the nervous system and keep communication flowing through the nerves, to movements and exercises that support the joints and muscles. It is guaranteed that if I walk into the gym with any pain I will feel relief when I walk out. I’m the forever grateful surfer!”

~ Chey M

Changed My Life

“Before RFC, I had chronic back problems. Through state-of-the-art assessments and varied classes, I learned how my unique compensatory movements were the cause of my restrictions and pain.

Over the years I’ve gained amazing strength, flexibility, and endurance. I love the community of support from the trainers and friendships with other members. Now almost 70, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, yoga, and African dance. All pain free. RFC truly changed my life!”

~ Sara L