Buyer Beware! It is the first of the year, and it cannot be helped. Everyone begins to think of exercise and eating better not long after the ball drops at Times Square. Health clubs brace themselves as the floodgates of good intentions start pouring new members through their doors. Many of these new gym goers will look to hire a personal trainer.  Just like any other industry, a wide range of trainers can be found from the highly qualified to the totally inept.  How do you figure out the good from the bad?  CLICK HERE to read the details on how to chose a personal trainer (summarized below).  Hopefully, these suggestions will help.

  1. Certified by an accredited institution.
  2. Maintaining credentials.
  3. Check their social media pages.
  4. Watch out for the “upsell”!
  5. Do they have a mentor?

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