[columnize][dropcap]O[/dropcap]ver the years, in the gym, I have heard the same question asked repeatedly, “What’s the best exercise for me?”

The answer is always the same and will never change: “The one that you will do.” I know it seems sarcastic but I really am sincere. Exercise should not be something you loathe. If you do not find pleasure in an activity then you might want to find an activity that provides you joy. There is a higher chance of sustainability with a behavior that has positive sentiment attached to it. The more often you participate in positive activities the better you feel, the less stress you need to fend off, and the better your body functions. Moreover, the activities that promote positive emotions can breed more positive emotions in other areas of your life. The more we practice getting positive the more it will occur.

If the treadmill is what you like then get on it and move. If taking a hike through the forest or on the seashore is what inspires you then get inspired. Perhaps you feel like walking into the weight room and lifting heavy objects relieves the stress of the day? Then lift heavy stuff! No matter what the event just do it and do it often. If you don’t like getting on the treadmill then find something else to enjoy. We live in an amazing land that is open to all sorts of opportunity to move. We also live in a time of human history where we have more options than ever before.

The only hurdle we need to overcome is the excuse. It can be all powerful. We can be quite ingenious with our ability to create excuses to place other people and things ahead of our own happiness. We could very well create more excuses not to move than there are words in the dictionary.

One of the surest ways to defeat the excuse? A gratitude list – a list of people places and things that provide you with a sense of gratitude. When you experience that, “Attitude of Gratitude” everything is seen with a better perspective. So here is your mission, should you choose to accept it: Keep a small notebook with you and when you are not feeling the way you want to feel, when you feel yourself getting bent out of shape begin writing a few things for which you are grateful.

Perhaps you begin with your ability to breathe or feel your senses. Maybe it is having a roof over your head or a full tummy. It might be that you are not living in a war-stricken country where your children are being sent off to battle? It may not come easy at first. After some practice however, you will begin to see so many more things and this will make it easier for you to find the time to move your beautiful body.[/columnize]