The following blog was something I was writing before election day. As I reread it, the words seem a bit prophetic. No matter which side you align your values, I believe this applies to everyone.

Have you ever noticed that for things to change, you have to get uncomfortable? Even if you like sleeping in late, there ultimately comes a time when you’re not comfortable lying in bed and have to change. When a relationship begins to get uncomfortable, people will either change something to make it better or end it. Have you ever had low back pain and found yourself hunting for a comfortable position. Most people fidget around because they experience physical discomfort. Many of the people who walk through our doors are meeting us because they are uncomfortable with some aspect of their life; whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

So knowing that change occurs this way, wouldn’t it make sense to find the parts of our lives and ourselves that are uncomfortable and make a decision to change? The further we allow ourselves to remain uncomfortable the worse things get. Change requires effort and is not easy in the short term but will get easier the more we practice it. I was told years ago that the word action is an acronym for “Altering Character Traits In Our Nature”. Action is required to create change.

This practice does not have an end, but it certainly can have a beginning. We will never feel completely and permanently comfortable because our lives are continually changing and there are many elements beyond our control. Therefore the goal should not be to strive for perfection because that is unattainable. Instead, our goal should be to continually attempt to improve ourselves and the environment in which we live. To seek progress. This can manifest in all elements of our existence, not just our physical body but our relationships, our finances, and our community.

To choose not to act is in some sense a form of slow suicide. I know this may seem extreme but take a moment and really think about it. You choose foods, behaviors, and actions or inactions which you know are not healthy, positive or meant to improve your life, yet you choose them nonetheless. What is that if not a way of destroying you? If we know what we need to thrive and do not act then what is the outcome? Something that is harmful to us and our existence. We diminish. So I pose this question to you: Where are you uncomfortable and what are you prepared to do about it? If we can help all you need to do is ask.