I would love to have a conversation with a numerologist some time. Perhaps it is just my heightened awareness to the number 29, but it sure does seem to keep repeating itself at the certain landmark events of my life. For instance:

    Just A Number

  • I was born on September 29th.
  • I got married on July 29th.
  • My daughter was born on September 29th (yes, the best birthday present…ever!).
  • I began my sobriety on the 29th.
  • I quit smoking on the 29th (long ago during some young, stupid and reckless years)
  • I spoke to my father for the last time 29 days after turning 29.
  • My father died the next day on October 29th.

Most recently, my friends and I paddled across Monterey Bay. Initially, it was scheduled for either September 30 or October 1. Then weather conditions changed and forced us to move the date up to avoid potential gale force winds. As it turned out we paddle on Friday, September 29th! Perhaps it’s just a coincidence, but it does give me pause.

Yet, when it comes to age, I truly believe that a number is just that, a number. How many people do you know who are younger than you but appear more aged physically? How many people are older yet appear more youthful? Aging is more related to activity level and quality of life than a numerical value.

I recall back in 1995 when some friends took me surfing for my first time. I was in my late twenties and in fantastic shape because I worked and lived in a gym six days a week with little else to do. We had to paddle a few hundred yards off the beach to where the waves were breaking. By the time we reached the spot my arms were thrashed. Here I am at age 50 and had no trouble paddling 29 miles (there it is again) across the bay.

If you choose to place any importance or significance on your actual age that is your prerogative. I prefer to embrace whatever age I am and know that I am not limited in my capacity or my physical ability simply because I went around the sun for another spin.