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Prehab/Rehab to Optimal Athletic Performance

We are a small fitness/rehab studio offering personalized program design options created through a lens of corrective exercise to avoid injury, heal from previous injuries and surgeries, and achieve optimal athletic performance. RFC’s methodology is based on your history, posture and gait mechanics; how you fight gravity when standing and when moving through space. Do you have a surgical procedure scheduled? Has your doctor requested you get in your best shape possible to ensure a speedy recovery? If so, consider joining RFC for pre-surgical conditioning (a.k.a. Prehab). When you are preparing for surgery, training & conditioning the unaffected areas of your body can create a better physical environment for a more complete recovery from your procedure. And, after your surgical procedure, join us for rehab where we will guide you down the path of recovery and rehab using our methodology to ensure correct posture and alignment of your body. The staff at RFC are a supportive team who work together to guide clients down a successful path of Prehab and Rehab. We expand our team philosophy by working closely with your doctor, chiropractor, orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, and manual therapist to create a team approach to your pre-habilitation and rehabilitation needs. Your recovery does not end when you leave the hospital or therapy unit. It is a journey of restoration and improvement and we will be here with you every step of the way

Biomechanical Assessment

The Biomechanical Assessment with Rocky Snyder, CSCS is an in depth 90-minute appointment. Rocky works to understand how your body subconsciously moves through all three planes of motion using different assessments including, but not limited to:

  • Static Posture Analysis
  • Gait Analysis
  • Dynamic Joint Assessment
  • Gait-Based Movement Patterns
  • Am3® Force Plate Technology
  • 3D Foot Mapping
  • Open Chain Foot Assessment

Private Coaching

Private Coaching @RFC is a 50-minute session with a Certified Personal Trainer. During a private coaching session you will be guided through a program created for just for you based on the results of an assessment taking into consideration your goals and current movement ability.

Personal Training

Our Personal Training (PT) is a 50-minute small group session, with no more than 4 clients, guided by one of our Certified Personal Trainers each step of the way. Each client in a PT session has a personalized program based on the results of an assessment, taking into consideration their goals and current movement ability.

Group Training

Our Group Training is created with the general population in mind. Training is appropriate for all levels of fitness and focus on different elements of strength & conditioning including power & speed, endurance, foundational strength, regeneration, athletic conditioning, and balance & coordination.