[columnize][dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have heard stories of little grandmothers picking up a car to save a loved one trapped underneath. In a nutshell, we as humans have strength levels much higher than we can normally utilize. On an average day most people are only capable of harnessing 30% of their overall strength potential. This is because if we were to use 100% of our potential we would receive extreme injuries. Muscle tissue tearing from tendons, tendons shredding away from bone, bones being wrenched out of the joint. This is what happens to that little grandmother who lifted the car. She might have saved a loved one but she had to spend weeks in a hospital bed healing from her wounds.

Our bodies have a protective mechanism hard-wired into our nervous system; an arthrokinetic reaction. It prevents our muscles from exerting more force than we can handle in that moment. Located throughout the body are tiny nerve cells known as proprioceptors. These proprioceptors relay information to the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS receive the messages and sends instructions on how the body should react. When our physical and emotional states are in ideal, healthy conditions our strength levels can achieve that 30% maximal strength threshold.

When the body receives an injury, gets out of proper alignment, or has undergone a surgical procedure, the CNS reduces the body’s strength potential to protect it. Also when the tiny proprioceptors are not stimulated on a regular basis through three-dimensional physical activity they dull in their ability to control the proper neuromuscular reaction. A long-winded way of saying if you don’t use it you lose it. Some muscles will take on too much tension while others lengthen too much. Joints will decrease in their range of motion while others will have to increase beyond their ideal. The CNS treats all of these scenarios as a potential threat and strength levels will continue to diminish.

Therefore, if we were to spend less time lifting weights, tightening the body up and more time restoring proper joint function and muscular balance we would find our strength levels increase immediately. Strength training with heavy weights takes weeks to improve but affecting the nervous system is immediate. You want instant results? Improve your nervous system.


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