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My wife and I made a change five years ago when we chose to homeschool our kids. Before that moment I had given the majority of the responsibility of educating our children to the public school system. When the decision was made, the biggest change occurred within my own mind. I came to realize that every moment could be considered a teachable event or learning opportunity. If we did not know the answer to a question, problem or equation we would learn together; guiding our kids through the investigation of knowledge. When we were traveling locally or afar, we would encounter countless opportunities to learn more. I see our decision as one of the great gifts of learning. Choosing to keep the mind open and curious and not close it down through arrogance and the unwillingness to learn. It was not always that way.

In my thirties, I decided I knew enough about fitness and conditioning to write a few books. After the books had been in print, I spent very little time and energy learning more because once you are published, you become an instant expert. If there is a time to practice arrogance, it would be in your youth. Fortunately, it wasn’t long after I was granted the gift of humility when attending a fitness conference. The information that was being shared showed me I had a tremendous more to learn. I believe that was one of the greatest gifts of learning I have ever received – to know you know nothing.

Since that time I have endeavored to pursue knowledge as if on a journey and not think of it as a destination. Journeys can continue, while once the destination is reached, you stop. I remember back to my school age years thinking that once I graduate, I would be done with learning. I have come to realize, albeit slowly, that school was the place I gained the discipline of learning and asking why. It was not the place to complete my studies but to understand how to improve my base of knowledge.

Today I seek out teachers in my life. I have mentors in my field who from I continually learn. I also mentor other movement specialists, to not only share the knowledge I have gained but, to learn even more from them. Becoming a teacher is when you truly become a student. I have learned so much more from those I mentor and teach.

As I finish typing this blog I am sitting in a house in Toronto. I am about to attend the fourth day of a six-day course in Anatomy in Motion taught by two of my mentors. I have been given the honor of assisting them during this course. I get to be the student and the teacher. This provides me with a deeper understanding of the content of the course and in so doing a deeper understanding of myself. I normally end most blogs with an attempt at a witty retort yet nothing is coming to mind. I will just ask this one question: Are you still a student?