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Dana’s Den January 2021

VITALITY: “the state of being strong and active; energy”

As I say good-bye to 2020 and look towards 2021, I reflect on the past and think ahead, with vitality and eagerness for the new year.  I am grateful for my family, clients, staff and health.

As a business, RFC is fortunate to be open and running smoothly, welcoming new clients and celebrating those who have hung in there with us during the crazy year of 2020.  We have kept our staff fully employed, said goodbye to some and hello to others, and now start the new year with a great team and new location!  RFC is oozing vitality and man, am I proud!

We moved to Capitola into a beautiful studio, with the perfect amount of space, and ability train our clients outdoors safely in a large, secured parking lot.  We continue to adhere to all COVID guidelines and standards to keep our clients and staff healthy, while offering a variety of workouts for our group clients and personalized fitness and rehab programs for our personal training and private coaching clients. Movement is vital to mental and physical health.

Be sure and check out the trainer tips featured in this month’s newsletter, which focus on vitality and ways to stay happy and healthy in this new year.  Also, the featured recipe is perfect for the winter months full of protein (lentils) and veggies. And, don’t forget to drink your water, our challenge for this month.  Can you up your water intake by a glass or two each day?

I am excited about RFC offering kids PE classes through PEP, as a way to bring fitness and movement to our kids in the community who are sitting way too much these days.  We have step by step instructions on how to register for a PEP classes so if you have kiddos at home, or know other kiddos who need to move, our PEP classes could be a good option.

Finally, for those of you I haven’t seen for months or even a year or more, I have lost over 70 lbs and feel so good.  I had no idea how much effort it took to move my body with 70 extra pounds on my 5”2’ frame.  If you want to hear more about my weight loss, and my health and vitality gain, be sure and read about my transition in this newsletter.

Until next time, stay healthy and safe, keep moving your body, and know you are vital to the success of RFC and our community.

With gratitude,