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Recapping my 99 Blog Posts

When I began writing blogs, my goal was to create a discipline of writing one a week. Although there were times when I skipped a week, there were also times when I wrote two or three in a few days. Now here we are at the hundredth blog. Seems like a nice time to look back at some of the topics we covered from living in pain to what to eat after your workouts.

Of course, seeing that we place a lot of emphasis on biomechanics and how movement affects the body, it is only reasonable that many of the blogs focus on this. How restricted movement in the feet could create a “butterfly effect” on the rest of the body. How stubborn hamstrings tight calf muscles could also create a cascade effect of pain on someone. The blogs also delved into how fascia helps connect the body together to make it one integrated unit, and not a collection of parts. We discussed how pain in the rotator cuff or at the carpal tunnel did not always mean that the problem was where the pain was. We touched upon the importance of good posture and how scars can tell stories and keep memories about our life. We looked at how posture affected emotions and the longer we veered off course, the more normal it began to feel. Athletes could find blogs to help them bulletproof their knees and ACL’s seniors could receive guidance on their workout programs, and desk jockeys could spend five minutes breaking out of their prison cell of a cubicle.

So where do we go from here? I guess kind of like Peter Pan, “second star to the right, and straight on till morning”. Or maybe like the USS Enterprise and go where no man has gone before…to the final frontier. To me that means the brain! The all knowing system which governs all others. We have already begun to write about motor neurology and how the brain is the most important organ we have. Without it we do not exist. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to read in future blogs please let us know. Maybe that way we can learn more together?

By: Rocky Snyder| June 13, 2018|