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Stay Hydrated

We often hear how the average American lacks the proper amount of sleep. The same could be said about hydration. It does not matter which season we are in or how hot or cold the temperature is, staying properly hydrated is important every day of the year. Not only will drinking more water help with athletic pursuits but can improve functions of everyday life. Here are 5 other reasons to stay hydrated:

  1. Brain Health & Performance. Be slightly dehydrated can affect memory, executive functioning, your mood, and reaction time. Drinking one or two more glasses of water each day could help with emotions and anxiety.
  2. Weight Management. Maintaining an ideal level of hydration can have a positive effect on weight loss. Having water in between meals can help with decreasing appetite and increase your metabolism.
  3. Lubricates Aching Joints. Drinking enough water can supply necessary fluids to joints to keep friction low. The wear and tear may be reduced simply by stopping by the water fountain more often.
  4. Detox the Body. Water helps carries waste products from the kidneys to the bladder and out the body. Having enough water allows this to occur at healthier levels than when you are dehydrated.
  5. Decreased Headaches. The brain depends on proper hydration also. Not having enough water can pull the brain away from the skull and lead to headaches and migraines.
  • By: Rocky Snyder |
  • February 14, 2023 |