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What’s Important

I spent last Saturday night at a preseason game of NHL hockey. The Anaheim Ducks came to town to lose 3-1 against the San Jose Sharks. Whether it was a preseason game or the Stanley Cup Finals didn’t matter. The fact that I was at the game with my 7-year old son was the most important part of all. Sharing the experience and watching the night through his eyes was what mattered to me.

I remember when I was 8-years old going to my first Red Sox game with my dad. We sat way out in the bleachers and watched them play the Texas Rangers. I don’t remember who won or lost but I do remember the time spent with my dad.

These are the valuable things I treasure most in life; to experience the world with friends and loved ones. This is just another reminder to me when I wonder why I get up every morning and exercise. There have been many mornings where I wanted to stay in bed but I made the choice to get up anyway. I recall an interview with Jack LaLanne and the reporter asked him if there ever were any days when he didn’t want to exercise. His answer was, “Hell yes. I would much rather stay in bed with my beautiful wife than get up and exercise, but I know I have to.”

In order for me to be present and available for my friends and family I need to keep my body and mind in the best shape possible. So if we can change our perspective on the reason why we stay active then perhaps it won’t seem like a choice so much as just something we do.

I hope to create countless more memories like the one that was made last Saturday night. It is one of my life’s missions to share the world and all of it’s wonder with my family and friends. To accomplish this mission I must put health and well being as a top priority. If I do not then all bets are off. What are your priorities?

  • By: Rocky Snyder |
  • September 29, 2014 |