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We began a new classes this year called Cali-Strength. It is all about getting stronger using bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. Calisthenics dates back to ancient Greece and is all about the exploration of moving the body. Every Wednesday night at 5pm a group of people meet to experience resistance training with minimal equipment. This is a great classroom in which to learn how to train when you are out of town traveling. 

It does not take much to get a solid workout even when you cannot make it to a gym (or the hotel gym is only a barren room with a treadmill and yoga mat). So if you are one of those individuals who get in the mood to exercise but then feel a bit lost as to what to do, this will provide insight. 

This class began with one or two people and quickly grew to one of the most popular classes we offer. If you find yourself wondering what to do on a Wednesday night swing by, get a sweat on, challenge your body and mind, and have a fun learning experience.