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Month: January 2023

COVID Silver Linings

Over the past three years our business has survived a global pandemic, a tsunami, tidal waves, massive flooding, extremely poor air quality due to woodland fires all over the state, a government sanctioned shut down of all “non-essential” business (gyms were shut down but not donut shops or liquor stores). Every day we got up and faced whatever was thrown at us. We figured out a way to continue.

We went online with our personal training and group classes. Once we were allowed to re-open we created individual workout stations to keep clients apart and as safe as possible. Then the Fourth of July occurred and the COVID cases spiked, forcing us to conduct business curbside. Then the woodland fires hit and the air outside turned unhealthy, forcing us once again to be exclusively online. The rollercoaster ride continued yet we stayed on the ride until it was over.

Hopefully the ride has come to a stop and what remains are silver linings to the dark cloud of COVID. We redesigned the layout of our training facility. We have four workout “pods” that contain all the equipment a person needs for a complete workout. Also in each pod are electronic tablets that display a client’s workout routine. Changes can be made on the spot and notes can be typed out to provide the most effective, individualized routine for each client.

We have also maintained our online coaching and currently have clients well beyond the Central Coast. We have helped clients across the country and internationally mitigate chronic pain and become more fit. We also produce two successful podcasts directly out of our studio. The Rock Fit Files focuses on a wide range of topics within the world of Health & Fitness. Episodes air on Thursdays at 5pm EST / 2pm PST.

The Zelos Podcast is a show that’s all about the “Pros behind the Pros”. Every Monday morning (9am EST / 6am PST) I get to have intriguing conversations with strength coaches, physical therapists, manual therapists, athletic trainers, performance directors, and a host of other professionals in professional sports. The Zelos Podcast is currently in its 9th season. It is heard by thousands of listeners in over 50 countries. Guests from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and MLS are the usual guests.

I guess the past three years really boils down to making a decision on a daily basis. Are you going to stand up and face what comes at you and ask yourself “How will we get through this successfully?” Or will you say “I can’t!” As far as we are concerned, can’t is the only four letter word not allowed at RFC.

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On the Road Again

Breaking away from your daily habit can often be frustrating, especially when it comes to regular exercise. Waking up and going for a run or hitting the gym does not take too much effort it is something that has become routine. However, many people struggle with maintaining this routine when away on business or vacation. It is much easier to throw your hands up in surrender and just understand you will return to your normal ways when you get back home. This does not have to be your reality. If you are a runner be sure to pack your running shoes and the rest of your gear. Check the weather reports to prepare for your running environment. Map out a route using google maps that takes you by interesting sights. You might want to create a new playlist so you can have some fresh tunes to experience while running in foreign lands.

If you hit the gym at home you can always look for a gym in the area and set up a guest membership and an online RFC personal training session prior to arrival. RFC also has out-of-town workouts through our program design software, Teambuildr. We can set you up with a routine to follow that can be made up of only bodyweight moves or simple equipment found in every hotel workout room. All you need to do is activate your free account and follow along on your smart device. The program has videos attached to explain every movement.

So you see there is no reason to put your health and wellness on hold when you leave town. We are here to help you continue down the path to success no matter in what time zone you find yourself.

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