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Month: June 2023

Perform Better Training Summit

This week, the RFC team pursues continuing education in the form of the Perform Better Training Summit in Long Beach, Ca. Three days of lectures and hands-on instruction in the world of rehab, strength & conditioning, led by the top leaders in the field. My first experience with the training summits was in 2004. A colleague introduced me to the events and it reignited the passion to learn that had been almost extinguished due to youth and ego. After the first summit’s experience I vowed to never again let that desire to learn be placed on the back burner.

Since then, I have attended the summits almost every year. In fact, with the exception of the pandemic years, we make it a point to close down the training facility and bring all of the staff to Long Beach with us. It is a great time to solidify as a team, have fun, and share in the learning experience.

Many of the top presenters have been guests on the Zelos podcast and in 2019, I applied to become a member of the presenting team. Although they accept hundreds of applications from amazing speakers and teachers, Perform Better has only space to invite twelve speakers to join their ranks. Fortunately for me, in 2019, I was selected as one of the twelve.

Because of the pandemic, in 2020, the summit went virtual. It has taken four years for the summit to return to Long Beach. This will be the first time the RFC heads down south with the team we have today. A whole bunch of new faces get to go and soak in so much learning that it often feels like you are drinking from a fire hose. This will also be the first time I return to Long Beach, not only as a student, as a teacher too.


We began a new classes this year called Cali-Strength. It is all about getting stronger using bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. Calisthenics dates back to ancient Greece and is all about the exploration of moving the body. Every Wednesday night at 5pm a group of people meet to experience resistance training with minimal equipment. This is a great classroom in which to learn how to train when you are out of town traveling. 

It does not take much to get a solid workout even when you cannot make it to a gym (or the hotel gym is only a barren room with a treadmill and yoga mat). So if you are one of those individuals who get in the mood to exercise but then feel a bit lost as to what to do, this will provide insight. 

This class began with one or two people and quickly grew to one of the most popular classes we offer. If you find yourself wondering what to do on a Wednesday night swing by, get a sweat on, challenge your body and mind, and have a fun learning experience.

The Opposite of Sitting

The catch phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking” has been getting a lot of traction lately. Too much of anything is not ideal and sitting is no exception. The body can adapt to almost any environment it finds itself in. When it comes adaptations due to sitting, here are just a few things that will happen:

  1. Leg muscles atrophy
  2. Spinal curves alter and reduce ability to absorb shock
  3. Shoulders rounds forward making it harder to inhale properly
  4. Arm muscles increase compensation due to improper shoulder position
  5. Head position shifts forward and alters ability to balance
  6. Blood flow circulation decreases
  7. Kinesthetic awareness decreases (knowing where you are in space)
  8. Hipflexor muscles shorten and increase pressure on low back
  9. Intra-abdominal pressure increases and affects digestion
  10. Metabolism decreases and increases likelihood of weight gain

The list goes on, but you get the idea. Limit the amount of sitting for prolonged periods of time as often as possible. Take breaks to get your body moving. You will be far more productive in the long run than just trying to hammer out projects for hours on end. Here is one very simple move you can practice during your sitting breaks that is in many ways the opposite of sitting. It is a very old yoga pose that has been modified so most people can achieve benefits. Click Here. Follow along. Try it out. See how you feel before and after. Make it a regular practice. Break up your sitting with something to revive your body and mind.

Caretaker vs. Caregiver

So many people come to use our services after caring for a loved one. They find themselves exhausted and often in a painful state from years of physically moving a person in and out of bed, giving all their energy, all day long, without doing much to restore or refresh themselves. They give so much yet take almost nothing. 

Obviously a balance between giving care to someone else and taking care of yourself is what we should strive to achieve. More often than not it is instead a one-sided relationship that leaves the caregiver in physical distress.

If you are one of these big-hearted individuals I suggest you shift priorities a bit. Place yourself first when it comes to health & fitness. Place the oxygen mask on yourself before placing one on someone else. In order for you to be of service to others it is essential to take care of yourself.

This is not selfish behavior. It is self-less. People will always need you, but few will have the ability to keep you in the physical condition you need to be in to help the loved ones in your life. It is possible to be a caregiver and a caretaker. Take care of yourself while providing care to those important to you. We are here to help make that a reality.