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The Best 10K Race Around

On the fourth Sunday of July tens of thousands of runners and walkers participate in the annual Wharf to Wharf race in Santa Cruz. The race begins near the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf out in front of the Beach Boardwalk and Coconut Grove and finishes in Capitola Village. The course is a wonderfully scenic coastal tour of the Central Coast. 

For many, it is the only race they participate in all year. And for many of those people they spend little time preparing their bodies to endure the 6.2 miles of repetitive action. It is no wonder there are first aid stations strewn along the course.

If you happen to fall into this category of weekend warrior runners, perhaps this year can be different with a little help from RFC? We have created an 8-week conditioning program to help you better prepare for your summer fun day. You can have it displayed on your phone or laptop every day and it explains what you need to do for your workout. It is a blend of running or walking, strength training, posture realignment, and flexibility. There are rest days too, so don’t think we don’t care.

The cost of the program is only $49 (after all we are in the Golden State) and that is less than the copay to your primary care doctor you usually see after the race. It is easy enough to purchase. Just go to and check out “programs.” 

Let this year be the year you really did get ready to enjoy the event rather than waking up on that fourth Sunday and realize you are going to be hurting on Monday.