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Waking Up the Glutes

The gluteal muscles (buttocks) are the largest muscles in the body, yet often they have a tendency of being “sleepy.” Perhaps it is because we sit on them far too much and they are not asked to perform a role other than a cushion. The less they participate in daily life the more likely a person will encounter lower back pain and a whole bunch of other chronic issues. To avoid these ailments in your future, here are three great moves for waking up the sleeping giant.

  1. Single Leg Deadlift – You see golfers doing this movement every time they reach in the cup to retrieve their ball. Balance on one leg with a soft bend to the knee. Lift the opposite leg up and back behind you. The lifting leg’s motion will encourage the torso to lean forward. Maintain a strong stiff back as the torso descends to hip height. The back leg should also be at hip height. Reverse directions back to the starting position.
  1. Crossover Step Up – Perform the traditional step up with one minor adjustment. Cross the stepping leg across the midline of the body. This mean the left foot should line up in front of the right or even a bit more to the right and vice versa. Keep the torso facing straight ahead. This encourages a slight rotation to the pelvis and a counter-rotation of the torso. Perform the stepping up and down motion and be careful with your balance.
  1. Squats – The glutes may know how to sit, but they may not help getting out of the chair unless they practice. It’s that simple. Before you sit in a chair, perform 10-20 squats and then have a seat.