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A Fresh Start

A while ago I came to the sad realization that there are more personal trainers and health clubs in the world than ever before. And yet there are more people who are overweight, obese, sedentary, and suffer from diseases brought on by lifestyle choices than ever before. The approach we are taking as a nation to combat the effects of a technologically advanced way of life needs to change. It is not working. The majority of Americans do not go to gyms. The majority struggle to find reasons to move. It is been going on for several decades and has gotten to the point that the incoming generations are starting life from a worse position than their parents and grandparents before them.

Many people do not know how to exercise. Many are intimidated. Many know they need to do something but do not know where to begin. Many are just simply embarrassed because of how media has told them they should look.

All the more reason to have a gentle approach to encourage a dynamic lifestyle; one with purpose and self-preservation. That is why we developed the Fresh Start Program. It is not a workout or an exercise plan. It is a way of encouraging good things to happen. We gather people together who are experiencing similar issues in their life, and together they support and encourage change.

Over the course of six weeks we guide the group through small bit-sized amounts of movement. Not too much to be overwhelming. Not too much to be intimidating. Just enough to try and repeat a couple of times through the week. Each week a little more is added. People can stay with what works for them or what they are comfortable with. There is no judgement. Only encouragement.

So if you happen to fall into this category or have a loved one who does, please let us know. There is hope and support. Being born and dying are the only two things we do alone. What happens in between those two events we do together.