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Caretaker vs. Caregiver

So many people come to use our services after caring for a loved one. They find themselves exhausted and often in a painful state from years of physically moving a person in and out of bed, giving all their energy, all day long, without doing much to restore or refresh themselves. They give so much yet take almost nothing. 

Obviously a balance between giving care to someone else and taking care of yourself is what we should strive to achieve. More often than not it is instead a one-sided relationship that leaves the caregiver in physical distress.

If you are one of these big-hearted individuals I suggest you shift priorities a bit. Place yourself first when it comes to health & fitness. Place the oxygen mask on yourself before placing one on someone else. In order for you to be of service to others it is essential to take care of yourself.

This is not selfish behavior. It is self-less. People will always need you, but few will have the ability to keep you in the physical condition you need to be in to help the loved ones in your life. It is possible to be a caregiver and a caretaker. Take care of yourself while providing care to those important to you. We are here to help make that a reality.