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How to Improve Your Pop Up

When surfers attempt getting to their feet to ride waves that maneuver is known as a “pop-up.” Many aging surfers struggle the most with this one particular move. Paddling and wave riding are almost second nature. However, without the ability to pop up on your board surfers are just riding expensive body boards.

Most of the time a person will think they need to do more push ups. This would make sense if they lacked the strength to lift their torso off the deck of the board but most surfers are able to do that. So if it’s not more push ups, what is it? Considering the fact that as we age most people become less active and find themselves sitting for prolonged periods of time. This combination will increase restrictions in the muscles surrounding the hips and thighs.

In order for a person to pop up on a surfboard, flexibility (or pliability) in hips and thighs are essential. Especially the front of the hips. Here is a short video I created that will guide you through one position that will almost guarantee your pop ups will be better the more you do it.

Video link: