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The Importance of Disconnecting

This is a time of year I very much look forward to reaching. Next week my son is on Spring Break and for the past few years we spend the week in Baja Mexico with his friends and mine. We fly down to a small airport with just one runway, climb in to a friend’s van at a nearby storage yard, and drive across the peninsula until we reach the Pacific. 

We stay outside of a poor, sleepy, fishing village where the waves are long and pristine. There is no cell service, no Internet, and no cable television. We are surrounded by ocean on one side and a Mexican desert on the other. Pure heaven. For one week life becomes very simple: surf, eat, sleep, repeat! 

It is almost like stepping into a time machine and going back before the days of technology. A truly invigorating experience. The ex-pats that have settled there since the seventies are friendly enough and the villagers are very hospitable. We get to sharpen our Spanish speaking skills but more importantly we get to slow down. 

I do not realize how fast paced my daily life is when I am deep in it. However, when I return from these adventures it hits me hard how much I have fallen into the speed required to pursue the American dream. Fortunately the slower, relaxed pace of Baja stays with me for a bit. In truth, it would probably be beneficial to head down south every 4-5 months so I do not fall back into the hectic pace. 

When was the last time you went without the internet, a smart phone, or cable TV and just slowed down?